How to choose a water heater?


So far hot water in a house is not just a nice supplement to comfortable conditions, but also an integral part of a human life and activities. A warm shower-is a necessity for a human of any age, status and profession. Unfortunately, people very often face the problem of hot water absence. Reasons of this can be different: starting with usual preventive measures and ending with a crash or rehabilitation of a pipeline. This is why the simplest way to provide yourself with an uninterrupted hot water supply to your house-is buying a water heater (boiler).

A short historical background

The history of water heating technology originates from XVIII century, when the first water heaters with glass upper parts and black overlays on the bottom appeared, which were heated up by the sun. However, work of such water heaters was highly depended on weather conditions. In 1885 year the world was represented with the first electric water heater, what was a tank with a heating element connected to a power grid. With innovative technology development water heaters were improving, gaining new possibilities and features: starting with an anticorrosive coating of a tank, ending with a possibility of wireless control of the appliance.

How to choose?

To make up your mind buying a water heater You need to take into consideration a lot of factors, such as:

Type and capability of a heating element. There are two types of a heating element: dry and wet. Water heaters with a dry heating element have the advantage due to additional protection from water influence, and that is why they serve longer. More powerful a heating element, faster water will get heated up, but note to remember, that a powerful heating element consumes more electric energy.

Quality of a tank. It is very important that a water tank serve as long as possible, that is why in choosing a water heater it is necessary to make sure in its quality. Due to hard water, what is being supplied by water supply systems of Ukraine, the quality of a tank is one of the main factors. Usually a qualitative tank of a water heater- it is a tank, which has an anticorrosion coating, a good thermo insulation and a thickness of a steel not less than 2 mm. A water heater with such a tank will serve You for a long time and recoup with surpluses all expenses on it.

Type and capacity of a water heater. In selecting an appliance, You should define with its positioning, purpose and understand how many people are going to use it. Water heaters can be made as a standard round tank, as well as a flat and square shapes, and also can be mounted vertically as well as horizontally. Lately so-called Slim-versions, with smaller diameter, have been gaining in popularity, because there is not always a place for a big water heater. On the average, a 50-liter tank is enough for one person. If a family of 3-4 persons are living in a house, then in this case 80-120-liter water heater is necessary, depends on your needs (in the table below in more detail). There are cases, when a water heater is necessary, in order to heat up water for small household requirements. As for example, to simply wash your hands, vegetables, fruits or dishes. For those needs small capacious 5-10 L water heaters will do, which can be placed above or under a sink in a kitchen.