Storage or flow?

Water heaters are fall into 2 types: storage and flow. Each type has own advantages, that is why before a purchase it is necessary to consider working specifications of those types of water heaters. In a flow-type water heater, water heats up with help of a heating element, through which water runs. Such kind of a water heater heats up water pretty fast, but it has a number of shortcomings, namely high electricity consumption, what in nowadays conditions is not cost-efficient. Also it is necessary to take into account, that flow-type water heaters with high power capability demand 380 V, and less powerful even are enough 220 V, but they badly overload the electrical wiring and they are not recommended for installation in old houses and flats. A lot more practical a storage-type water heater. Water heating is going on in a tank with help of a heating element, which considerably cuts electricity consumption due to the fact that a high powerful heating element is not in a need, without a necessity to keep a heating element on. Such a water heater heats up water not immediately, however it wins in the meaning of cost-efficiency and fits for installation in any building, even with an old electrical wiring. This is why a storage water heater is the optimal choice. On our website You can choose a highly qualitative European water heater for any needs with a reasonable price. We will help You to save your money!